Monday, September 9, 2013

A Walk Through the City - Pt 2

On day 2 we headed back into the city around lunchtime to meet up with another one of my favorite ladies. She traveled down from Mount Kisco by train to frolic in the city and we rendezvoused at the clock in Grand Central. During my years in NYC passing by this magnificent space was common practice, but it still took my breath away every time. Still does.

We headed uptown on foot, chatting and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
This is one of the first spots I ever visited and I think there's a picture of my dad and I below it somewhere. My parents and I had driven out on my spring break to visit Marymount Manhattan College and explore the city. I loved it immediately, loved the school and the seriousness of the program. I remember thinking if I can get in here, it's life changing. It was intimidating and being pre-Giuliani, very dirty. I loved it all, but no way did I think I would go there. I decided to audition anyways, mainly to see if I was good enough. Although the magnetic pull of the city never really left my thoughts after that trip. And after a 2nd visit I was hooked. I was accepted into the BFA Dance program with a Presidential Scholarship that made it possible for me to chase after my dreams.

The Plaza Hotel is magical. Very special memories flood in walking by this stunning building. Meeting my roommates parents for the first time at dinner here dressed in, wait for it, a leapord minidress. Yea, I know, but to my defense it was New York in the 90's and after a year and a half of 8-10 hour days in the studio and a lifetime of dancing I was in pretty good shape and able to pull it off. I hope... They embraced me anyway and it still makes me smile. I also celebrated my 21st birthday here and had my first legal cocktail in the swanky Oak Room.

The entrance to the children's zoo in Central Park, a must see next time we visit as a family.

I love Central Park and on a Jennifer weekend it was top of the list. I love the architecture and detail surrounding every bridge and entrance way throughout the park.

The fountain in the background is where the kid in the movie ransom was taken. I can't help but think of it every time I'm here. It pops in my head immediately. Beyond that its a great place to relax and there are always people around soaking in the rays and peace.

The border that brings you down a long path and into Sheep's Meadow. This is by far one of my all time favorite spots in the park. 

On a sunny day it is the place to soak in the rays, touch grass, socialize and just enjoy the beauty of the skyline in the distance surrounding the park. We met another one of my favorite people here along with his beautiful wife, baby girl, and MIL. It was so sweet to share in a Saturday in the park with their family.

The other reason I love it here. The corona guys.

Here's a moment I would like to put in my pocket and pull out on the really hard days.

On our way out we added one more surprise guest!! She saw on FB that I was in town and actually sought me out. It was pretty humbling to have her and her husband just show up like that. Here are my lovely ladies exiting the park, musicians creating a soundtrack of the perfect day in New York.

The West Side is gorgeous. I still wished I had had the opportunity to live on this side of the city. If you don't believe me take a look at a couple shots captured on our walk to The Boat Basin

There are those special people that no matter the time or distance between, when you see each other it's as if nothing has changed. You just pick right up with a great dynamic, catching up hearing about their lives, loves, and pursuits. This city is a feeding ground for inspiration. The energy and drive that moves the people in it is pretty amazing. The time always goes too fast. The day flew, but by the next morning I was anxious to get home to my family. I'm not sure if it's being older, or a parent, or what, but I appreciate the moments so much more now. I feel them and I hold on to them close to my heart. And this day, in this city, with these beautiful friends is one I will treasure for a long time to come. 

Those I didn't catch this trip, I say till next time! And your always welcome in Cleveland :)