Thursday, December 19, 2013

Epic Fail

So yea kill supermom and those of us who strive for it. But even striving to do the best you can can end up an epic fail. Trying to save money and make the holiday's more about giving and love and less about dollars spent, I set about making snow globes as gifts for teachers and grandparents. I waited too long to order cute little figurines off the internet and my first excursion to Michael's proved this project was going to be difficult. Normally my mom would be there to help, she's Martha before Martha made it big. And she could have directed me to the perfect thing, but this project I am flying solo. The sales ladies were no help and offered more of what wouldn't work but no ideas on what might. I left pretty devastated and feeling lost. Next up I tried a local craft store and found more luck. Even found the glycerin to make the glitter fall more slowly. I found cute little candy cane swirls, snowmen, and trees! Perfect little scene so I thought. I set about making these which took several days as the glue needed to set at each stage that when I had them all lined up looking great, I smiled and said I did it. It worked! Maybe just maybe I could create something on my own and I couldn't wait to show them off. I even sent one to a grandparent as the twins celebrated the holiday early with them, so confident it would hold up. HA! Well they didn't. Those dumb tree's were metal and rusted and turned those beautiful snow globe scenes into dirty nasty sewer water. So here I am no gifts for their teachers and embarrassed to call papa and say just throw it away. My mom knows why, would have stopped me given the chance. I would have been frustrated but knew she was right and we would have gone back to the store and tried again. Before I ruined 12 cute mason jars and a boat load of tiny snowmen and and candy cane swirls. So today I quit. I will try again for supermom status but today it's enough already.