Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Walk Through the City - Pt 1

New York City! Center of the universe and my first true love. The energy, the abundance, the memories evoked by walking a familiar path from my past. One of my closest friends played hookie with me and her sweet husband took lead with the kids so that we could go play...

As we rode the PATH into the city I was getting excited. The packed trains and crowds took a minute to adjust to, but then I was right back in the flow of it ready to bask in city life for 2 whole days!   

Only in New York can you get a mani/pedi two blocks from wherever you are. it's fast, cheap, and it stays! Our tips and toes pampered, we were ready to tackle the city. We first paid respects to the memorial but that deserved its own moment...

In desperate need of a potty break (yes I say potty, even for myself; force of habit from the job I suppose) we popped in Morton's for this.

On our way, we next hit my favorite stores in my favorite area... Top Shop, Uni Qlo, and Boots; oh my!! We then headed on foot to meet up with more friends at Pearl Oyster Bar. Yum-me! 

The hole in the wall restaurants that line the west village are some of the best in the city and Pearl is top on the list. The mussels are delicious, lobster roll amazing, clam chowder some of the best I ever had. Plus wine and good company. I tell ya there's not much better of an evening. We called an old friend to join us that got out of her jams, decked out in a foxy jumpsuit and her sexiest heels, and showed up ready for whatever. Gotta love New York where anything literally can happen so a girl must be prepared!! We laughed, caught up, and ate. A lot. I love NYC

After we closed the restaurant down, we said our goodbyes and headed off to catch the train. Got to Hoboken and missed it by minutes and the next one was not for another hour and a half. We figured we could spend $50 on a cab home or grab a drink and wait it out... Tough decision, however, ended up being bittersweet. She was worried about running into coworkers, which we did, but they were cool enough and fun to pass some time with 2 ladies who could realistically been their mothers. Wow talk about a reality check. Heading to the train and it was a nutso scene! All of a sudden it was crazy train! More kids that could call us mom; drunk, puking, screaming. It was humbling to say the least and added more laughter to the colorful day. Climbing into bed that night exhausted but oh so happy. The next morning I got to play puzzles with her boys and see them as kids rather than babies. One of the best days and mornings I can remember sans my own little bambino's.

Then off to the city for day 2....