Thursday, August 22, 2013

Farmer Chuck and our CSA

I've seen pictures on Facebook of my friends CSA baskets and I had no idea what it was. I set out to research it and fell in love with the concept. My time in New York definitely turned me into a foodie and when we had to start making choices on the foods we would feed the twins I started to learn about eating whole foods, less processed, and the many reasons to choose organic as much as possible. The more I learned the more educated choices we began making. CSA (community supported agriculture) therefore was the obvious next step. Once we were settled in our new home I set about finding one with a local pickup location, ability to get more than produce, and a farm I could bring the kids to to see where the food they were eating comes from.

Murray Hill Farm is everything I was looking for equipped with a modern day farmer that you could sit and talk for hours with. Farmer Chuck was kind enough to let us visit on his one day off as that was the only time that worked for everyone.

We rolled up to a quiet farm with chickens grazing peacefully all around us. The twins were so excited they could hardly contain themselves! Farmer Chuck was great!  He's our kind of crazy and we chatted as if we were all old friends. He took us to the hen house where Veronica shocked us by climbing up and helping gather the eggs with Franklin holding the basket. We saw sheep and turkeys and chickens oh my! And although Frankie was a little nervous by how loud the chickens were he still went in each house to hold the basket, not touching the eggs of course. 

We went up to the store to pick out our goodies and to say we were like kids in a candy shop would be an understatement. Ohio pure maple syrup, raw honey, garlic, peppers, a full basket of fruit and veggies, whole chickens, grass fed beef burgers and of course a dozen of the eggs the twins collected. Veronica devoured a peach at the farm and begged for another when we got home and the apple king would have eaten the whole lot if we let him. 

The yolks on the eggs were so full and meaty and we immediately fried some up for dinner. 

There is something to be said for eating local and knowing where the food you are nourishing your family comes from. Eating organic and partnering with your community farmers is fulfilling in a way I never realized. Plus it was more delicious than what you find at the grocery store. If you don't believe me try it out for yourself, I swear everything tastes better local!  I am proud of the way the twinnies embraced the farm and I have a feeling we will know Farmer Chuck for a long time to come.

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